• #1 A little Background

    This is me, Manuel writing and will be the one in charge of publishing in our blog.

    I am a little more public than Vanessa but she is aware of everything I publish.

    Well, like I mentioned before we are a very open couple with no kids.

    Both of us have very busy lives and very demanding employments in prominent places.

    This is why you will notice that the pictures we will publish here have been cropped or edited for privacy and identity protection/

    We live in a very exclusive community and none of our neighbors know what really happens when we are behind closed doors.

    Approximately a year ago, we met Roberto ( our boy toy ) which happens to be a personal trainer at the gym but he really is our human toy.

    We all have different kinds of FETISH but Roberto's specific fetish is "servitude and submission".

    So at this very same instant we could say that we are a Bi couple with an assistant.

    When we get to the pictures section, you will see who is our little Roberto to always happen that lives 2 blocks away from our place.



    Little Roberto

    This is our dearest Roberto!


    We have participated in many shared sexual activities with other people including married-hetero, married-gay-married bisexual-married and other single individuals with a broad spectrum of "fetishes" and sexual orientations and likes.

    We always play safe by requesting a very recent HIV status and other STD's.

    We only allow bareback sex after we have realized a sort of investigation of interested  individuals.

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    Thursday 18th March 2021 at 01:13
    mmmmmmmm...nice fucking body stud!
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