• #2 About Roberto

    Roberto and us became very good friends who could talk about anything freely.

    He made us feel in total confidence and we did the same ourselves.

    Then the peak conversation moment arrived.

    I usually take control on this kind of situation to prepare the  friends and guests to feel free to express themselves and that we will never judge anyone for anything.

    I usually start talking about general topics of sex like "fetish" and miscellaneous themes related to the subject of main conversation.

    All these happens in the most relax setting in our kitchen, family room or living room.

    Having a few glasses of wine helps a lot for relaxing people, so we wait a few minutes after they have from 2-4 glasses of wine.

    Believe me that wine makes miracles.

    It relaxes people and make them talk about any subject.

    Then I start asking about more sensitive subjects, starting with our own open  relashionship, experiences and practices.

    Then, surprisingly, Roberto startced confessing his real sexual feelings and fantasies in contrast to the way he was living.

    Roberto was a closet case bisexual guy who had a terrible panic for people knowing about  his sexual orientation.

    He was born and raised in a Latino Family environment so if he was a man he should be a typical "MACHO MAN" individual and that he should find a profession for real "machos" when reaching adulthood such as joining the army.

    Based on this cultural conception, he started sport teams and body building but he never made it to the army.

    After he graduated, he moved out to another country trying to find peace of mind and not suffer the sexo/fobic trauma he suffered for many years of his life.

    Finally he found a comfortable place in our same location. wow! What a casualty???

    Well, after he threw out what was tormenting his mind, he started crying, showed  him tons of support, kindness and love.

    The three uf us ambraced ourselves into a huge 3some hug!

    We told him that he could rely on us for anything, anytime!

    He started crying of happiness and thanked us for listening to him and giving him the time and place for him to vent and let out what was having him an unhappy life.

    Since that emotional encounter, Roberto's story moved us as a couple and as individuals.

    The three of us gathered a very special friendship, like never happened before with people we met previously.

    Me and Vanessa had many conversations about Roberto's place in our lives.

    We both developed a special emotional attachment with him while we started to communicate on a daily basis and dinner invitations that became intensely intimate with every gathering.

    We got enough time to know each other and Vanessa brought up the theme of        " adopting " Roberto for the purpose of complementing our relationship and to help him have the happy life that he deserved.

    Next day, we invited Roberto over our place to chat, have some good wine and have an intimate relax time.

    He came over and we had the best of times.

    We asked him about his sexual likes and he told us that he  was bisexual but that never had any partner and that he was a virgin and asked us if we could teach him everything about sex.

    Besides that, he mentioned that he had a fetish that he was willing to practice as soon as the opportunity was given.

    His fetish was "submission-servitude" and added that he would be very happy in servicing us in any way we desired.

    Vanessa and Me look at our eyes directly expecting the acceptance or denial in regards of what Roberto expressed.

    Vanessa's sight and body language tol me immediately that we should make Roberto become a complement to our relationship.

    So I broke the silence and expressed Roberto that we agreed in making him part of our lives.

    As soonas he received the notice, he stood up and gave me a tight hug and a kiss as same did with my wife.

    I wish you could see his face!

    He looked so happy like when somebody hits the lotto.

    It was late at night so we told Roberto to stay over with us and he replied, I would  proudly do that but don't have clothing to take a shower before bed tonight.

    I told him that he could take the shower but also told him that he would not need  any kind of clothing for sleeping because he will sleep warm.

    He said, sleep warm?

    I said yes, you will sleep between us in our bed, the three of us naked.

    We won't do any sexual activity, just want you to feel loved and protected because from now on we are 3.

    I said, lets go to bed and tomorrow we will talk a little more.

    So, the three of us went to bed and I shut the lights off.

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